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A List Podcast with A. Sherrod Blakely and Kwani A. Lunis

Oct 18, 2022

The Boston Celtics take on the Philadelphia 76ers Tuesday night in what could be a potential Eastern Conference Finals matchup. What are some of the predictions for this game, and both teams moving forward? Hear the A List squad discuss the possibilities with special guest Kieth Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

A List Podcast w/ A. Sherrod Blakely & Kwani A. Lunis: Ep. 98


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:43 - How is Ben Simmons’ spirit changed in New York?

2:41 - James Harden preseason assessment 

3:53 - How will Harden’s physical improvements impact his game?

5:15 - Does Harden’s new contract actually benefit the Sixers more?

8:20 - How will the Sixers handle it if their plan A goes wrong?

11:35 - Joel Embiid had a quiet offseason, what can you look forward to with his game this season?

13:30 - This season for Doc Rivers will be career-defining .

16:05 - What is the realistic expectation for the 76ers this season?

18:13 - Tobias Harris will be a determining factor for the 76ers' success.

21:35 - Who to watch on the 76ers' roster. 

23:00 - How has Rivers been handling the pressure to succeed in Philly?

27:25 - What does Jayson Tatum need to change this season? 

33:35 - To be the league MVP, Tatum needs to be the Celtics’ MVP

37:23 - Who are the 76ers worried about in Boston?

40:00 - Malcolm Brogdon could be the one to put the Celtics over the top

41:10 - A-List winning picks for game 1 

49:00 - What does Jordan Poole’s extension mean for Draymond?