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A List Podcast with A. Sherrod Blakely and Kwani A. Lunis

Oct 4, 2022

The Celtics have taken some big hits this off-season, one of the biggest being sudden injuries. Will Blake Griffin provide bulk in the front court the Celtics desperately need, or will his role be more impactful in the locker room?


A List Podcast w/ A. Sherrod Blakely & Kwani A. Lunis: Ep. 96


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1:08 - Celtics sign Blake Griffin 

2:52 - Griffin could provide impactful leadership and bulk in the front court. 

5:30 - Griffin’s name recognition helps him fit in with other veteran players.

6:30 - Griffin’s self-awareness will provide a smooth transition 

7:45 - Griffin alludes to the media he’s happy to be out of Brooklyn’s drama 

13:00 - What are some expectations for Griffin this year? 

15:24 - Griffin has the right role-playing mindset 

16:25 -  Griffin will have different impacts in the regular and post seasons 

24:40 - Celtics blew out Hornets in the opening pre-season game, what did we learn?

25:25 - Sam Hauser showed his shooting potential is promising

26:35 - Some of the G-League guys showed roster potential 

28:30 - Joe Mazzulla was solid in pre-season opener

32:10 - Grant Williams wasn’t as impactful as possible in game 1

33:45 - Turnovers were concerning in game 1